Discovering Hidden Roof Damage in Garner NC

Hidden Roof Damage in Garner After Photos

Location: Garner, NC

Product: GAF Timberline HDZ Hickory Shingles, GAF WeatherBlocker, GAF Seal-A-Ridge,  GAF Cobra® Rigid Vent 3, GAF Master Shield Lifetime Warranty

This Garner, NC homeowner stumbled upon hidden roof damage through a routine inspection. Initially unaware of any potential issues, there were no telltale signs from the ground to suggest a problem existed. However, his decision to consider an inspection was sparked by a conversation with our team during a neighbor’s roof installation. Little did he know that this seemingly routine decision would lead to a remarkable discovery, underscoring the importance of proactive maintenance and the power of neighborly advice in protecting one’s home.


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– John Doe