GAF Energy Solar Certified

The Peak of Excellence in Solar Roofing

The Roof that Pays for Itself.

  • Eliminate Monthly Electric Bills
  • Improve the value of your home
  • Covered By Insurance (deductibles do apply)
  • 30% Tax Credit on the total cost of the roof & solar shingles
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Why not make your new roof a solar roof?

Solar Shingles in Raleigh - Durham - chapel hill.

At The Shingle Master, we are proud to offer Triangle Residents, the world’s first nailable solar shingle, Timberline Solar™ – giving homeowners a single solution for both roofing and solar. Are you considering installing a solar roof on your new home? We offer Timberline Solar™ from GAF Energy, a roof that produces sustainable energy looks amazing, and can even pay you back over time as it powers your home (and lowers your electricity bills!). Additionally, Timberline Solar™ offers comparable warranty coverage to the top roofing brands in North America and protects like a roof with solar energy already integrated. As a GAF Solar Certified Contractor, we hold ourselves to the highest standards with all of the work that we do – including solar. Solar shingles are the solutions homeowners have been searching for, why choose between a new roof or solar panels when you can have both? 


Reasons to Choose Timberline Solar
Over Traditional Panels

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New roof + solar all in a single project

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Roof & solar completely integrated, low profile

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Designed to minimize leaks & animal invasiveness

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One point of contact for roof & solar throughout the life of the roof

What Sets Our Solar Roofs Apart from The Competition

Solar Shingles

Our Timberline Solar roofs are made up of shingles, not panels or heavy tiles. These shingles are water-shedding, strong and warranted to withstand winds up to 130 mph. 

Rack-mounted solar installations—where the solar is separate from the roof–require the drilling of dozens of holes into the roof membrane. Any resulting damage related to those holes is not typically covered by roof warranties.

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