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The most frequent insurance claims filed by homeowners are for roofing repair or replacement. An established relationship with a roofing company can speed up the claims process for insurance agents and provide them and the homeowner the confidence that they are working with a trustworthy, ethical, and honest roofing company. We want to be that trusted partner for you.

Why Recommend The Shingle Master to Your Clients?

With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can provide insurance agents with expert insights into the condition of their clients’ roofs. Our keen eye for detail allows us to identify any damage or potential issues that may affect insurance coverage or claims.

Our comprehensive 20-point roof inspections provide insurance agents with a detailed assessment of the roof’s condition. Each inspection includes a thorough examination of 20 critical points to ensure a comprehensive evaluation. Moreover, we meticulously document everything through photographs, providing visual evidence of the roof’s state. This meticulous documentation helps insurance agents determine the property’s insurability and make well-informed coverage decisions. We pride ourselves on our integrity and only report on relevant conditions to the claim.

We are proud to offer priority service to our insurance agent partners, doing our part to expedite the claims process.

When roof damage claims arise, we are well-equipped to assist insurance agents by accurately evaluating the extent of the damage and estimating repair costs. Our professional input can prove invaluable during the claim settlement process.

We provide valuable advice on risk mitigation strategies related to roofing. By recommending proper maintenance practices and proactive measures, we help insurance agents reduce the risk of future claims for their clients.

By offering our roofing expertise, insurance agents can build stronger relationships with their clients. Demonstrating care and dedication to their needs, agents can further enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction.

During every inspection, we exercise a discerning eye and only suggest a roof replacement when it is genuinely essential. Our priority is to do what’s best for the homeowner, so if a repair can suffice, that’s the route we’ll take.


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We take Great Pride in our Reputation and Solid Foundation

Atom & Bryan

We know you have your client’s best interest at heart. We feel the same way about ours!

At The Shingle Master, we firmly believe that our honest work ethic and established reputation will provide you and your clients a sense of assurance that their home renovation project will be completed successfully. Our team is glad to help, whether your client needs a roof inspection, a repair, or a complete replacement.

Your peace of mind will come from knowing that we are committed to giving you and your clients the finest possible customer experience and high-quality products, and that you have a reliable partner for life.


“The Shingle Master has been diligent to keep promises and deliver reliable results. Every member of this organization from top to bottom has represented the company with integrity, these are folks I’d trust to do work for my own family members.”

– Tommy Kelaher
State Farm

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