RainDrop Pro Gutter Guard

Our RainDrop® Gutter Guards are the best professional gutter guards in the world!

You want the best for your home and so do we.

An average roof will shed 1,550 gallons of water in a 1″ rain. When your gutters are clogged the water overflows and causes big problems. Proper water management protects your home and landscape by preventing damage to your mulch, plants, foundation and basement. It makes sense to make sure your gutters never clog, and that saves you the cost, time, aggravation and dangers of cleaning your gutters.

  • Compatible with ALL Roof Types
  • Strong, Durable & Long Lasting
  • Virtually Invisible
  • Controls Ice Problems
  • 20 Year Warranty

Gutter problems? We've got you covered

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Designed for Performance

A sloped grid made of damage-resilient polypropylene that breaks self-cohesion of water droplets, immediately forcing water into a gutter. Unlike mesh designs—which keep almost everything out of the gutter, including water—aperture size of the polypropylene grid prevents large debris from clogging the gutter but allows small debris to sweep through.

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Withstands Extreme Temperatures

With added UV stabilizers, RainDrop®’s polypropylene material is made to be suitably resilient. The dark color of the product soaks in heat from the sun during cold months, naturally melting snow and ice to keep water flowing into the gutters year-round.

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Built to Endure

Like the automakers that noticed the benefits of polypropylene’s flexible properties for car bumpers, RainDrop® Gutter Guards can withstand a lot of damage, even from trees. Where other materials break, the polypropylene bends and bounces back. RainDrop® carries a 20-Year Limited Warranty.


Engineered for Easy Maintenance AND Aesthetics

Where other products lay flat to handle water, RainDrop® Guards are designed to be installed at an angle, to keep debris moving off the gutter.

Featuring clean lines, a low profile, and a dark color, the RainDrop® Gutter Guard is virtually invisible from the ground, appearing to be nothing more than a shadow line. RainDrop® fits most gutter sizes, including 5-inch and 6-inch K-style gutters, half rounds, large commercial gutters, trough-style gutters, wood and more.


“I used them for gutter guards- fair price and Brian, and Harrison were a pleasure to work with – first class and good deal!”

– Doug R., Raleigh Homeowner


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