the shingle master product master elite inspection

Master Elite Inspection


50+ page detailed report, enriched with vivid photographs, goes beyond the surface and gives you a deep understanding of your roof’s health, enabling you to make informed decisions.



Our detailed Master Elite Inspection Reports are perfect for real estate professionals, home inspectors, home buyers and sellers, second opinions, pre-sales repairs, speedy close, post-sales repairs, and negotiations.

For sellers, this inspection becomes the cornerstone to ensuing you get top dollar. By attaining a precise grasp of your roof’s condition, you can strategically plan necessary repairs & ensure your home is priced to its full potential, as well as to confidently navigate negotiations – creating a smoother, more efficient selling process.

Home buyers and sellers alike benefit from our inspection’s meticulous details. As a buyer, you gain peace of mind by having a clear picture of the roof’s state, enabling you to make an informed purchase. Sellers can showcase their commitment to transparency and quality by presenting potential buyers with the comprehensive inspection report, fostering trust and expediting the closing process.

Whether you’re a real estate professional seeking to provide unparalleled service, a meticulous home inspector, or an individual seeking assurance in your investment, our Master Elite Inspection stands as your reliable partner. Elevate your property dealings with an inspection that goes beyond the ordinary, shaping a path towards well-informed decisions, efficient negotiations, and undeniable peace of mind.