Protecting Your Roof (and Investment) This Winter

Winter Roof Protection

Putting your holiday list together and checking it twice? Is there a roof inspection on there? Probably not, but it should be. A thorough roof inspection this time of year gives you an opportunity to identify and tackle any repairs needed so your roof can make it through another winter and spring surprise-free. 

Sometimes storms create damage that may be unseen to the naked eye and may cause damage that goes unnoticed for months… or even years. With storms being so common in our area, we are here to help and prevent roof damage from going unnoticed and creating a larger issue. Let’s look at some of the most common causes of winter roof damage and what you can do to protect your investment in the long run. 

Wood Rot and Degradation

Algae, fungus, moss, and other moisture-loving nuisances, and even normal buildup from nearby trees, can damage a roof over time by causing the shingles to deteriorate and the wood below to rot. Knock on wood, we don’t have another snowy winter here in the Triangle area, but if we do, that can only make things worse.

Ice Buildup

During our icy winters, your chances of a leak increase significantly. As water freezes and thaws, it can get under your roof’s shingles and make a crevice that much bigger when it freezes and expands. While you can’t stop the ice storms that are common in the Triangle, you can better prepare for the damage they can cause by getting a thorough roof inspection before the next storm hits and properly sealing the nooks and crannies where ice can build up.

Shingle Damage: Install holiday lights carefully

In your quest to out merry-and-bright your neighbors’ holiday display, be mindful of the damage you could cause to your roof when hanging lights and decorations. Always use light clips instead of staples or nails, and make sure you use outside extension cords because indoor cords can overheat and cause shingle damage.  

If You Suspect Damage Get a 20-PT Master Inspection

The Shingle Master, your local roofing expert in the Triangle, offers a 20-point Master Inspection completed by our Haag Certified damage assessment professionals, who’ll look to spot damage and craft a plan to secure your home.

 Schedule your 20-PT Master Inspection today!