Twin Magnolias – Carrboro

Twin Magnolias – Carrboro


We worked with the Twin Magnolias HOA to replace the roofs on 11 buildings in this lovely 22 unit townhome style condominium community.

Location: Carrboro, NC

Product: GAF Timberline HDZ Shingle (Charcoal)

Installed in: 3 weeks


The Shingle Master team will install roofing in these zones along the following schedule, with each building taking approximately 1-2 days to complete. Please note, dates are subject to shift depending on weather. Make sure to check back here for regular updates.

AddressBuild Day
A-BFebruary 23
C-DFebruary 24
E-FFebruary 26
G-HMarch 1
I-JMarch 3
K-LMarch 4
M-NMarch 5
O-PMarch 8
Q-RMarch 9
S-TMarch 10
U-VMarch 11
GazeboMarch 12


We’re ensuring your whole home is safe and secure by installing new top-of-the-line roofing materials on all Twin Magnolias Townhomes:

  • GAF Timberline HDZ Shingle (Charcoal)
  • GAF Seal-a-Ridge Ridge Cap Shingles and New Ridge Vents
  • Synthetic Underlayment
  • GAF Premium Weatherblocker Starter Shingles
  • Granulated Ice & Water Barrier in the valleys 
  • Neverleak Pipe Boot Flashings & Aluminum Slant Vents

Yes. On the scheduled installation days for your building, all parking spots in front of your building are required to be vacant. There should be spaces available in Twin Magnolias throughout the community to use temporarily during the installation days for your building.

Towing will be enforced.  Cars will be towed to another area of the community (if a spot is available) at the owner’s expense if not moved by 7am on the scheduled day of the build.

For the duration of the project, The Shingle Master team will utilizing visitor parking spots near the gazebo for staging equipment and materials.


Homeowners and tenants will need to check-in with The Shingle Master’s on-the-ground safety representatives prior to entering and exiting the building.


A roof installation can be noisy. There will be sounds of people and construction on your roof; hammering, walking, talking, etc.


During construction, there is a chance debris may fall from your roof. This is a safety risk for your children and pets. You can keep everyone safe by explaining to your kids why they are unable to go outside. You can also set up areas where they can play safely. Your best option for pets is to put them in the quietest room in your home so they will not become stressed by the noise above.

On the day of the build – please remove outdoor furniture or anything breakable from in front or behind your home.

Not required, but an option to cover anything in the attic that you don’t want debris falling on. 

Please contact us immediately if you plan to keep your satellite dish. We will need – Name, Address, Phone, Email and Satellite Provider. Click here to email us.

If your car is towed, contact:

Barnes Towing (919) 929-3000




For questions or concerns, contact The Shingle Master at