We provide elite multi-family roofing services that ensure long-term sustainability and performance. Serving apartment managers, homeowners’ associations, and property management companies with all of their roofing needs – from regular maintenance to repairs & replacements, we have a solution for every community.

When you work with The Shingle Master, you get:

  • Our Community Master Elite Inspection gives you a high-level overview including a detailed 50+ page report (with photos and annotations) that will help you understand the current condition of your roofs, new or old. 
  • A team of HAAG-certified damage assessment professionals, licensed contractors, and a solid restoration team can help you maximize the life expectancy of your existing roofs as well as a lifetime warranty on any re-roof projects.
  • Licensed insurance adjuster on staff who knows how to navigate the insurance world when your property is affected by storm damage.
  • Additional services include gutter and gutter guard installation, siding, window replacement, and more.
  • Dedicated Project Manager who will handle all communication related to your project.
  • Landing page with details about your projects.
  • Door hangers and flyers to share with your homeowners.
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Recent Projects

Click on any of the properties below to see a sampling of our recent projects. If you have concerns about storm damage to your property or would like to request a free quote, please contact us today.

What is A Community Master Elite Inspection?

Each property type (residential, commercial, community, etc.) has different needs. At The Shingle Master, we’ve created the Community Master Elite Inspection to ensure that apartment managers, homeowners’ associations, and property management companies alike have the information they need to protect their communities for years to come. 

What are Community Master Elite Inspections commonly used for?
  • Due Diligence Evaluations
  • Annual Inspections
  • Roofing Replacement and Repair
  • Roof Management Plans
  • Insurance Compliance
  • Reserve Studies & Special Assessments


With Each Community Master Elite Inspection You Receive:
  • Comprehensive evaluation to determine if the roofs in your community have damaged or missing shingles, flashing issues, degradation or rot, and proper ventilation & drainage.
  • Severe Weather Assessment (Wind & Hail)
  • Detailed list of recommendations for needed repairs and a 50+ Page detailed assessment of your property, including photos of all existing damage, should you need support for a Special Assessment within your community or file a claim with your insurance provider.