Residential Roofing: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Roof repair and restoration can create a lot of questions for homeowners – and we’ve heard them all.  Choosing the right roofer for your repair or replacement is a big decision, that most homeowners only make once in a lifetime. Explore our most commonly asked questions below where our team touches on regulations, materials, insurance processes, and more!

At the Shingle Master, we start every consultation with a 20-Point Master Inspection to answer just that question. During each 20-Point Master Inspection, we will assess your roof for damage (storm-related or otherwise), take photos of their findings, and assess the roof’s age. Afterward, we will walk the homeowner through our findings and make a repair or replacement proposal that best matches the needs of the damage on hand. Each 20-Point Master Inspection is also reviewed by a licensed insurance adjuster, who will assess your inspection photos and/report for accuracy. We will never file a claim for a new roof if the roof can truly be repaired, or vice versa.


At the Shingle Master, we advocate for our customers every step of the way. If your roof is in need of repair or replacement, you only need to budget enough to cover your deductible. We will never try to upsell you a new roof when a repair would last you the next few years.


The old saying says that “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” If another contractor offers you a new roof for free by absorbing or eating your deductible, – RUN. They are committing insurance fraud and making you an unknowing party. Ask yourself, if your contractor is willing to break the law to earn your one-time business, what other things are they being dishonest about?

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Years ago, insurance companies required homeowners to provide at least three estimates for any claims submitted! Good news: you DON’T have to do that anymore! In an effort to cut down on corruption, your insurance company uses industry software to establish the price of your repair or replacement. Meaning there is no difference if you obtain one or twenty-five bids as the price is set by the insurance company. We know it sounds crazy, but when it comes to roofing, the price doesn’t matter anymore. Your contractor’s role in this process is to help the homeowner establish a complete scope of work necessary to restore your home back to normal; while also meeting building codes and the manufacturer’s installation requirements.
How insurance companies used to Pay How insurance companies used to Pay Infographic

Yes. While your insurance company has the ultimate say, if the gutter system, window screens, decks, or even HVAC’s were damaged as part of a storm they will be covered under a single claim – and we’re certified to help! While we don’t work on any of these systems independently, our team is well-versed in taking the steps necessary to return your home back to normal during every repair and installation that we perform.


No – but we have one!

Only roofing contractors who are bidding on or finishing work above $30,000 in North Carolina require a state license. Some roofing companies may not have a North Carolina General Contractors License from the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors (NCLBGC) since it costs money and effort, but at the Shingle Master, we don’t cut corners with our work or our qualifications. We do this to give our customers peace of mind by adding an additional layer of security to the purchase. 

In order to protect the public, the NCLBGC holds licensed contractors to standards set up to protect homeowners. It also gives homeowners a way to get their money back if their contractor doesn’t do what they agreed to. We’ve all heard stories of fly-by-night contractors who have taken deposits and left without performing the work, or something of the like, but the trouble with these stories is that the homeowner is left with nowhere to turn. The NCLBGC exists to protect homeowners like you from situations like these, and we are proud to have our license in good standing.


We do this to give our customers peace of mind by adding an additional layer of security to the project. In order to protect the public, the Better Business Bureau holds businesses of all shapes and sizes to standards established to protect consumers. Holding businesses like the Shingle Master accountable and giving the homeowner avenues of recourse in times of need.

Interested in learning about more surprising benefits of working with a BBB-accredited contractor? Our learning center is full of these topics and more!


Permits are not required in North Carolina for most residential roofing projects that are $30,000 or less. However, we are licensed by the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors (NCLBGC) to ensure that every homeowner we work with is protected. We also hold the highest independent national certification for roofing – The Shingle Master is Haag Certified, which is similar to an MBA for roofing.


A contingency agreement gives the homeowner more peace of mind that there won’t be any unexpected fees down the road. This is because it guarantees that we will only do the work that was listed in the scope of work we sent to the insurance company. Once an insurance claim is submitted, your insurance company sets the price for services, not the contractor. It’s an additional level of transparency we provide in the process to ensure that every homeowner we work with is clear on the services being provided.


In North Carolina, contractors are not required to have a license for most home repairs; however, at The Shingle Master, we only provide the best for our customers and have gone the extra mile to become HAAG Certified so that you can sleep easy knowing you are dealing with a contractor that holds their work to the highest of standards. To be HAAG Certified is a badge of honor, proving that our team has been trained under the highest guidelines to safely, effectively, and efficiently inspect and assess the damage.


The certifications that you see listed on our site, like GAF Master Elite & GAF Solar Certified, are two huge differences between what The Shingle Master has to offer and other fly-by-night storm chasers out there. A GAF Master Elite certification is the highest level of roofing certification available in the roofing industry and is awarded to only 2% of roofing companies nationwide. In order to maintain our certifications, GAF regularly reviews our work to ensure that we maintain the quality and installation standards they require and can revoke these certifications at any time.

In North Carolina, since you are not required to have a license for most home repairs, many contractors out there will try to dazzle the homeowner instead by getting a variety of quick certifications to build out their presentation deck. Unlike many other certifications, the Master Elite status can’t be bought; it can only be earned, and it is yet another way we ensure we are always providing only the best for our customers.


Homeowners and tenants will need to check in with The Shingle Master’s on-the-ground safety representatives prior to entering and exiting the building.


A roof installation can be noisy. There will be sounds of people and construction on your roof; hammering, walking, talking, etc.


During construction, there is a chance debris may fall from your roof. This is a safety risk for your children and pets. You can keep everyone safe by explaining to your kids why they are unable to go outside. You can also set up areas where they can play safely. Your best option for pets is to put them in the quietest room in your home so they will not become stressed by the noise above.


If You Suspect Damage Get a 20-PT Master Inspection

The Shingle Master, your local roofing expert in the Triangle, offers a 20-point Master Inspection completed by our Haag Certified damage assessment professionals, who’ll look to spot damage and craft a plan to secure your home.

 Schedule your 20-PT Master Inspection today!